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ZW3D is cost-effective CAD software integrated with CAM, which makes design easier for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining.

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Published Jun 16, 2011 (7 years ago)
ZW3D is cost-effective CAD software integrated with CAM, which makes design easier for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining. It provides powerful data exchange, productive hybrid modeling with direct edit, whole-process solution for plastic mold design, intelligent and efficient CAM machining, and easy-to-use ribbon interface.

The new version of ZW3D is aimed at streamlining design workflow for designers, engineers, and construction professionals, saidColin Lin, vice director of ZW3D overseas business.It optimizes the efficiency of various design tasks and shortens the development cycle through its improved CAD performance, greater flexibility of its CAM Manager, and simplified 3D molding processes.

Increased Efficiency in CAD Design
ZW3D 2013 makes great strides in improving the efficiency for designers through a number of great enhancements:

Smart Constraint.
When designers establish constraints for several objects, ZW3D 2013 will generate constraint options automatically and intelligently.

Constraint Detection.
When designers need to find and resolve constraint conflicts, ZW3D 2013 allows them to do it in a single click.

History Manager with Drag and Drop Functionality.
When designers intend to make quick modifications to models, ZW3D 2013 allows simple drag and drop operations managed by History Manager.

Simplified Machining Workflow
ZW3D's intelligent CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) module makes machining easier and safer, streamlining the workflow tremendously and reducing design errors before production as well.

Improved 3D Mold Efficiency
Standard parts and mold base libraries are essential to mold designers. Customized libraries provided by ZW3D 2013 will allow users to save their standard industrial parts and mold bases in ZW3D libraries for future reuse, saving a huge amount of design time and shortening the development cycle.

For more information and get a free trial, please go to www.zwsoft.com
Requirements: WinXP/2003/Vista/7, Intel Pentium IV or ADM processor , 512 RAM or above
Languages: English
Release Info: New Release on Mar 20, 2013
Release Notes: ZW3D 2013 has increased efficiency in CAD design, 3D mold, and the powerful history manager with drag and drop functionality. Also designers are allowed more flexibility in constraint detection.The intelligent CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) module makes machining easier and safer.
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