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Download Week Month Overall
Apocgraphy - Full spectrum... 1.0.1
Apocgraphy is a program that works with your current e-mail reader analyzing your...
25 25 231
All Spam Gone Spam Killer Anti Spam 2.0.0
Anti spam software that blocks spam email and works as a junk spam email blocker....
19 17 207
Elgr anti-spam for Outlook Express 2.42
Free and user friendly anti-spam add-in for Outlook Express.
17 15 104
SpamWasher 2.0.1000
Stop spam and junk e-mail with SpamWasher. Protect your family on the Internet.
17 17 146
Outlook Express SPAM 100 v2.3.12
Outlook Express SPAM filter with artificial intelligence, Bayesian filtering technology,...
16 15 159
Anti-Spam Filter 1.2
Innovative spam protection without deleting the important correspondence
14 13 233
GFI MailEssentials 2014
Comprehensive, multi-layered protection against viruses and spam at an affordable...
14 13 138
Letterman Spam Control Pro 3.5.281
A spam filtration software catering for the needs of the worldwide Chinese, which...
13 13 196
Anti-Spam, Anti-Junk Program using confirmation message to authenticate senders
13 13 150
Antrasoft Spam Killer 2.9.5
Outlook Add-In for accurate spam removing based on arteficial intellect.
12 11 186

Most Liked Windows Downloads this Week

Download Likes
Loaris Trojan Remover 3.0.29
Download the latest version of Loaris Trojan Remover right now. You will be able to...
GFI MailEssentials 2014
Comprehensive, multi-layered protection against viruses and spam at an affordable...
Advanced DWG Print 2.13.65
Advanced DWG Print is an advanced printing solution for AutoCAD« based drawings (in...
ChoiceMail One 5.103
ChoiceMail One is DigiPortal?s critically acclaimed anti -spam software. ChoiceMail...
Comodo Antispam Desktop 2005 1.01
Comodo AntiSpam Desktop 2005 - Register & install Free Tool for 100% clean inbox
DeSofto SpamFilter 5.30
Save your traffic and time. DeSofto SpamFilter automatically kills most Spam immediately...
Eliminate Spam! 2.51
The most powerful spam protector for Outlook. 170+ filters. FREE.
Mail Box Dispatcher 2.30
Mail Box Dispatcher is a Spam Blocker that filters spam, viruses and other unwanted...
PlexMailer 6.5
PlexMailer is an anti-spam software. It supports POP3, IMAP, LDAP, NNTP and MBOX protocols....
Scam Sensor for Outlook 2.0
Scam Sensor is a Microsoft Office Outlook add-in that examines every e-mail message...