Stellar Drive Monitor 1.0

Stellar Drive Clone evaluates SMART attributes of a hard disk to calculate its overall health status. It sends warnings or pop-up messages if these attributes deviate from their threshold values. You can also scan your disk for bad sectors.

Stellar Drive Monitor 1.0

Stellar Drive Monitor is a comprehensive application designed to run in the background and provide real-time information about your hard disk at any given point in time. The software is adept at carefully reading all the SMART attributes of your hard disk. It informs you in time if any risk of imminent disk failure lurks in your system. This helps you take remedial measures before you are actually hit by a disaster. Stellar Drive Monitor efficiently carries out all health checks on your Mac hard disk. Apart from displaying SMART attributes of your disk, it provides current disk temperature and the overall health status of the disk. The software shows the current values of SMART parameters along with their threshold limits. By reading these values, you can get an insight into the actual disk problem and take suitable action to reduce the chance of a failure. You can also view all statistical information about your hard disk in a single window, such as drive title, BSD name, SMART status, free space, total size, and more. Further, you can view full description about your hard disk that contains details about all volumes residing on the disk. Using this advanced tool, you can run an extensive surface scan against your entire disk. The scan reads every sector on the disk and colors it according to a preset scheme. The color of a sector determines its current state. The software marks all bad sectors in ?red? and all good sectors in ?green? by default. With Stellar Drive Monitor, you can run performance tests on your hard disk in order to calculate its performance levels during different read/write operations. You can specify the desired performance test criteria, i.e. disk I/O type, buffer size, and duration. The software performs read or write operations for the specified time and displays the output in three types of graphical representations, including ?Bar graph?, ?Line graph?, and ?Raw data? representation. You can also set the desired preferences in the software.
Requirements: RAM: 1 GB Minimum, 50 MB Free Space
Languages: English
Release Info: New Release on Feb 05, 2013
Related Tags: Drive Monitor for Mac Mac drive monitor
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