Spring Cleaning Deluxe Mac 11.0

Safely remove clutter and boost performance with Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe.

Spring Cleaning Deluxe Mac 11.0

Spring Cleaning keeps your Mac operating at optimum performance while protecting your data! Reclaim disk space, perform system maintenance, uninstall hidden application files, and boost performance. Monitor and backup critical files so they are always kept safe. Find, compare or remove duplicate files easily and efficiently. Repair permissions and root out corrupted files. See how files and folders are using disk space and see detailed information about every file. Do all of this and more knowing that Spring Cleaning's powerful Restore feature is there to protect your files. Fight back against the clutter and take control of your Mac!
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5, 10.6, 300MB of disk space. Scripting support only available for 10.5
Release Info: Major Update on May 04, 2010
Release Notes: Conveniently archive selected files online or to another drive with QuickBackup, Get a complete overview of your entire system with Magnifile, Learn how to get the most out of every tool with video tutorials and help manuals, Upload and share your files online with StuffIt Connect
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Safely remove clutter and boost performance with Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe.
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