PBXPress Live CD Demo 1.1

Unix based VoIP PBX with call recording and PSTN fallback (bootable CD image)

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Published Jun 30, 2006 (13 years ago)

PBXPress Live CD Demo 1.1

PBXpress is a modern-day replacement for traditional PBX systems. Instead of working with wires and cables, it utilizes Internet technologies. In particular, it uses VoIP (voice over IP) technology to transmit calls.

All of your phones are connected and provisioned via an IP network, your calls can be delivered to any place on Earth via Internet at a fraction of the usual cost, and all system configuring is done from your web browser! In addition to new exciting features, PBXpress offers the reliability of good old telephony service: in case of any problem with your Internet connection, PSTN fallback is engaged, and the call goes via one of the telco phone lines.

Worried about who made all those calls to the Dominican Republic? Wish you had some record of your previous verbal agreement with a vendor? Want to analyze whether your new salesperson does the right thing on the phone? No problem: PBXpress can record every Introduction conversation made through it, storing them on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM in a format which can be played back on any computer.

You've tried to use a residential VoIP company's service in your office, but couldn't get any audio? The most likely reason for this is that your firewall is too strict, and does not allow network traffic to pass. PBXpress can act as a bridge across the firewall for VoIP calls, eliminating such problems.

This demo is a bootable CD. You must burn it as an ISO image file, not a data file. Boot your PC from the CD you have just burned. You may need to access your computer's BIOS setup (typically, press Del or F2 immediately after restarting your computer) in order to set CD-ROM as the first boot device.
As soon as your PC boots from the CD, you will see PBXPress graphical user interface accompanied by the on-screen emulator of the actual PBXPress box LCD. If a CD burns successfully, you will see a progress bar. After the initial phase is finished, you will see an IP address. Point your Web browser to the IP.
Requirements: This ia a bootable CD ISO image. Requires CD-ROM, Ethernet board and network.
Release Info: Major Update on Aug 01, 2007
Release Notes: Added Webo perator's console. The new operator’s console is a convenient way for any call center or CRM operator to handle incoming and outgoing calls with a mouse using a Web browser. The console allows a call center operator to monitor users' activities in real time, and perform typical operations
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