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4PSA VoipNow Express 1.6.2
4PSA VoipNow Express is a free, fully functional Linux IP PBX software, limited to ten phone extensions, used for hosted VoIP PBX services or in-house IP softswitch. Easy upgrade to full featured multi-tenant Professional edition.
Free with 361 Downloads
Boingo Mobile for Nokia N800/N810 1
Boingo Mobile identifies hotspots and authenticates you with your Boingo account
Free with 270 Downloads
PBXPress Live CD Demo 1.1
Unix based VoIP PBX with call recording and PSTN fallback (bootable CD image)
Trial with 138 Downloads
Radius Manager 4.2.2
RADIUS and DOCSIS billing for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, ChilliSpot, pfSense. It supports Byte and time capping, bandwidth shaping, prepaid, postpaid accounts, prepaid cards, PayPal,, DPS, Netcash payment gateways.
Commercial with 1,016 Downloads