Keylogger Spy Monitor

Keylogger recording program monitors every keystrokes typed on your computer by external user in your absence in the current login session. Keypress spy monitoring application helps to protect your personal computer from unauthorized users remotely.

Keylogger Spy Monitor

Keylogger is invisible powerful monitoring tool which is used for tracing instantly typed every keystroke activities made on your personal computer or laptops remotely. Keystroke recording program facilitates user to keep track of typed composed emails, program monitoring, online searching, visited websites URLs, user name, password, word files, chat recordings, internet surfing, instant messengers, keylogging and similar activities performed by external users on computer in your absence. Keylogger monitoring utility saves keystroke details in encrypted hidden log file that sends to user specified email address. Keystroke recording software helps to know about keyboard activities performed by your kids, family members, employees, spouses and friends used in your absence when you are not present. Keylogger tool remains undetectable in Add/Remove list, system startup, program menu list and even no shortcut icons on desktop. Keypress monitoring software provides password protected facility to prevent unauthorized user to change or modification in configuration settings. Keylogger utility does not slow down computer performance while it is running in its background. Keypress monitoring tool provides interactive graphical user interface so that both technical and non technical user can easily install and operate it properly. Keylogger software supports Windows operating systems including Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, NT, XP, vista and 7.
* Keylogger tool facilitates user to record windows login time and system time modifications.
* Keystroke spy surveillance software secretly monitors the entire keyboard activities of users on your computer.
* Keylogger utility easily avoids anti-virus or anti keylogger software.
* Keyboard recording program is password protected from the illegal users.
Requirements: 64Mb RAM, 10Mb of disk space
Languages: English
Release Info: Major Update on Sep 11, 2009
Release Notes: Added support for clipboard content
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