Guardian 1.150-0

Awesome arcade action, high res graphics, and specific objectives.

Guardian 1.150-0

Guardian features 30 adrenaline filled missions that will push you to your limit and beyond. Beautiful 2D, 3D, and parallax graphics will place you in three totally different worlds, and at times you will be facing well over a hundred simultaneous enemies.
If mankind is to survive, you will need fast reflexes and nerves of steel. You will need to defend fleeing civilians, protect allied installations, wreak havok on enemy infrastructure, provide allied marines with close air support, and more.
A huge arsenal of weapons will ensure you have the firepower to bring down the waves of enemy fighters but have you got the skill?
Requirements: P3-500 MHZ; DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 32 megs; 128 megs RAM
Release Info: New Release on Dec 25, 2005
Related Tags: Guardian Defender Choplifter Arcade Action Side Scroller Galaga
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