Serial over Ethernet 6.0

Shares up to 255 serial port devices over TCP/IP network.

Serial over Ethernet 6.0

Serial over Ethernet allows you to share up to 255 serial port devices over a TCP/IP network turning your computer into a low-cost terminal server. As a result, any serial port device connected to a COM port could be accessed from anywhere in the world as if it were attached to the local PC. When the attached serial port device sends communication data, it will actually be transmitted over a TCP/IP network. Such behavior is achieved due to the use of virtual serial port technology which emulates standard COM ports. In this case, the Windows OS treats virtual serial ports in the same way as real ones therefore you are no longer limited to just two real ports (the number of physical ports you have) per system and can create COM port connections without occupying a real serial port. Serial over Ethernet provides the ability to create several connection types for three main purposes: share serial port for incoming connections (Server), connect serial port to remote host (Client) and share serial port using UDP.
Starting from version 6.0 Serial to Ethernet Connector features totally new user interface for even easier connections creation and management with connections visualization, possibility to set conditions for packets transmission for all connection types, ability to specify several remote computers for simultaneous UDP connection, etc.
Requirements: Minimum IE 6 installed, Processor: Pentium II class at least 200 MHz; RAM: 64 MB; Disk Space: 20 MB
Release Info: Major Update on Apr 17, 2012
Release Notes: - totally new interface; - you can now specify several remote computers for simultaneous UDP connection; - possibility to turn off Serial to Ethernet Connector (requires Administrator rights and permits to temporarily disable created connections without deleting them);
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