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AzSDK HardwareID DLL 5.00
AzSDK HardwareID DLL allows you to get unique machine fingerprint collected from CPU, HDD, BIOS, NIC components.
windows Trial with 561 Downloads
VeriFinger Standard SDK Trial 7.0
Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK for stand-alone and Web based applications. Supports 100+ fingerprint scanners models on Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS X. Programming samples in C, C++, C#, Java 2, Visual Basic .NET.
windows Trial with 448 Downloads
GrFinger Biometric SDK Trial 4.2
Kit for developing software with fingerprint recognition
windows Trial with 428 Downloads
WSQ image library (for fingerprints) 4.1
Reads and converts WSQ (FBI's Wavelet Scalar Quantization) and 33 other formats. Supports: WSQ, BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, JP2, JPC, RGB, TGA, GIF, etc. WSQ chosen by FBI as the fingerprint image compression standard as superior to other formats.
windows Trial with 369 Downloads
MegaMatcher Extended SDK Trial 4.3
SDK trial for large-scale multi-biometric civil and forensic systems (AFIS)
windows Trial with 271 Downloads
VeriFinger Standard SDK (Linux Demo) 4.2
Fingerprint idetification SDK with client/server ActiveX components. Supports Windows and Linux. Includes drivers for major fingerprint scanners and sensors. C, C++, C#, VB, VB .NET, Java, Delphi samples. Libraries and source code available.
linux Trial with 269 Downloads
VeriFinger Extended SDK Trial 6.6
Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Includes a ready-to-use software for fingerprint matching on the server side that is intended for using in web-based and other network-based systems with samples.
windows Trial with 223 Downloads
BioCert Authenticator Lite Edition 10 Users 1.2
The BioCert Authenticator Lite Edition 10 Users is a biometric toolkit designed to simplify fingerprint Identification in any VB compliant application using a simple ActiveX drop in. The toolkit is a Client/server application based on TCPIP.
windows Free with 176 Downloads
Priore FingerPrint ActiveX 2.0
This component allows to read the fingerprint through a biometric reader like distributed from the PreciseBiometrics. With this component is possible to write applications that demand the reading of the fingerprint
windows Free with 175 Downloads
NCheck Finger Attendance Trial 1.1
Automatic attendance control with employee biometric fingerprint identification
windows Trial with 158 Downloads
Rizone MD5 Checksum Calculator
Freeware utility for calculating the MD5 Checksum of a file.
windows Free with 156 Downloads
VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5
Fingerprint recognition algorithm demo application enrolls and identifies fingers from images or 90+ supported scanners. NIST MINEX-compliant technology. Fast matching (280,000 templates per second), reliability proven at FVC2006 and NIST FpVTE 2003
windows Trial with 153 Downloads
ServerMask 4.1.2
ServerMask obscures the identity of a Web server by removing signs that you are running IIS. HTTP responses are camouflaged to combat hacker fingerprinting. Anti-reconnaissance confuses hackers and makes it likely they will try the wrong exploits.
windows Trial with 145 Downloads
TeraCash 2013
TeraCash is designed to help your company run a successful and profitable check cashing business! Easy to use screens, multi-lingual text and an array of administration tools as well as Biometric security backed by a highly scalable database engine.
windows Trial with 131 Downloads
NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows 4.0
NCheck Bio Attendance is an automatic end-user time-tracking system with fingerprint, face and iris biometrics. Protection against errors or user fraud. Client-server architecture. Reports generation. Webcams, 90+ biometric scanners models supported.
windows Trial with 40 Downloads
Veridis Biometric SDK 5.0
Veridis Biometric SDK FREE is the only tool, available today in the market, that allows the integration of biometric technology to your application, with support for biometric readers from different manufactures.
windows Free with 21 Downloads