Cross-Database Comparator Lite 5.0

Compares data and structural objects of heterogenous databases.

Cross-Database Comparator Lite 5.0

Cross-Database Comparator Lite is a powerful easy-to-use ODBC based tool for comparison of heterogeneous databases, used by thousands DBAs, developers and testers all over the world. Product has earned this position owing to its high performance and friendly user interface, combined with rich functionality and wide features spectrum. Cross-Database Comparator Lite is intended for use in a development environment, wherever there?s a need for changes made to a local database to be pushed to a live database on a remote server. Normally, it is a very hard and long process, which forces users to trawl through database schemas or search through data tables, completing the process by generating the required migration scripts etc. manually. Cross-Database Comparator Lite will automate this process for you. Cross-Database Comparator Lite offers a full spectrum of features for schemas, tables and data comparison of two heterogenic or homogeny DBMS
Release Info: New Release on Nov 06, 2006
Related Tags: cross database database comparison database synchronizing database synchronization database merging
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