Astrosiege 1.2

Blast through hundreds of alien ships in your futuristic space fighter

Astrosiege 1.2

Astrosiege puts you in control of your own powerful space craft to blast your way through the alien hoards in this classic fast paced arcade shoot-em-up. Destroy dozens of unique 3D accelerated alien fighters and upgrade your weapons with rocket and laser powerups. Astrosiege combines popular space shooting action with 3D accelerated graphics and incredible particle effects. The free version includes 3 intense campaign levels and the dynamic Marathon mode in 4 different modes of difficulty.
Requirements: 500 mhz, DirectX 8, Direct3D compatible video card
Release Info: Major Update on Nov 10, 2005
Release Notes: Brand new levels, New enemies, Fancier graphics
Related Tags: game arcade 3d action retro space shooter shoot-em-up scroller
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