Aqua Data Studio 7.5.11

SQL Query tool that allows developers to create edit and execute SQL scripts

Aqua Data Studio 7.5.11

Aqua Data Studio is a SQL editor and developer tool that allows developers to easily create edit and execute SQL scripts as well as browse database structures. Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent inferface to all major relational databases. This allows the DBA or developer to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. Aqua Data Studio sophisticated Query Analyzer allows users to work on database scripts with specific RDBMS syntax highlighting and auto-completion to develop and test scripts including detailed client statistical information and multigrid results. Its graphical browsing capabilities allow you to understand the structure and dependencies of the database schema at a click of a mouse. It also includes the ability to save your query results in many formats including HTML and XML.
Requirements: Pentium II / 128 MB RAM
Release Info: Major Update on Apr 27, 2009
Related Tags: oracle db2 sql server sqlserver sybase pointbase mysql postgres postresql informix table column tuple schema tablespace trigger sequence database sql jdbc backup dba tuning db query referential integrity dbms plsql tsql
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