AlphaPhotoFX 1.0

The big bundle of independent plugins for high quality special effects creating.

AlphaPhotoFX 1.0

AlphaPhotoFX is set of plug-in modules for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Image Ready; Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Painter; Ulead PhotoImpact and other compatible editors. AlphaPhotoFX contains six independent products. If you choose AlphaPhotoFX bundle then you have a big discount and save money.
AlphaPhotoFX bundle consists of follow independent filters:

? IcePattern for Photoshop v.1.2 - is a unique and powerful tool designed to help you in creating of a variety of fantastic natural or fairy style patterns which are growing on window glass in winter.

? AlphaStrip for Photoshop v.1.32 - is a unique tool for cutting the images on the alpha-channel.
? Fire3 for Photoshop v.3.33 - is a powerful mean what helps you to make various types of flame.
? Digitalizer for Photoshop v.1.24 allows present your picture as symbol matrix which elements will form initial picture.
? Engraver for Photoshop v.1.25 presents your picture like an old engraving, etching, pencil sketch.
? LensProIII for Photoshop v.3.84 allows to create many beautiful lenses, glass objects as well as to create lenses of different shapes and with various optical properties.

We want to do our products not only helpful but also and profitable for you
Requirements: An Intel processor-based PC with a 486/66, Pentium, Pentium II or Pentium Pro processor.
Release Info: New Release on Jan 10, 2007
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