AJAX Webshop 3.0

Ajax Webshop allows beginners to develop RichWeb applications quickly

AJAX Webshop 3.0

1. Rapid and easy development
Integrated development and management tools are available. Easy-to-use visual Unified Modeling Language and visual IDE; complete component and object-oriented development pattern; only basic development skills are required for mature and complex applications; visual operation makes maintenance convenient.

2.Leading technology
It is in line with next-generation Web technology and future trend.

3.Rich Web component library
It can be used to develop powerful Web interface in object-oriented pattern, which includes interface controls, plain Web report form printing.

4.Superior code editing environment
Troubleshooting IntelliSense support, code editing support, project release and deployment support.

5.Great openness and extensibility
It keeps to the standards and employs open structure. Extension and interfaces in all hierarchies are provided so as to be integrated seamlessly with the popular development tools. Custom interface, applications development based on standard framework and class library are also available.

6.Java, PHP, C#, VB support

7.Visual drag-and-pull

8.Compatible with popular browsers such as IE, Firefox
Requirements: CPU:1.0GHz; Memory:256MB; Hard Disk: 250MB
Release Info: on Dec 17, 2007
Release Notes: Ajax Webshop is guided by the concept of IDE and visualization. Based on standard component library it allows Ajax IDE in the pattern of rapid application development (RAD), which maximizes development efficiency.What you see is what you achieve.
Related Tags: AJAX IDE visual Ajax IDE RAD visualization Richweb Ajax library object-oriented Web database Web component library code editing ajax development extensibility Java PHP C# VB drag-and-pull Troubleshooting IntelliSense Ajax component
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