9 pin RS422 OCX Controller 1.5.0

9 pin RS 422 VTR controller ocx component, allows you to have control over a remote controllable VCR or DDR with sony protocol

9 pin RS422 OCX Controller 1.5.0

9 pin RS 422 VCR controller ocx component, allows you to have control over a remote controllable VCR or DDR with sony protocol RS 422, any 9 pin video device can be controlled by this interface, from your Visual Basic application it also can be used in Visual C, HTML or any other compiler accepting OCX interface. It also can read timecode in all formats as LTC TIME - VITC TIME - TIMER-1 - TIMER-2 - LTC UB - VITC UB. What are the big differences of using a PC plus software than hardware controllers ? 1.The intelligence you can provide to your system. 2.Control as many VTRs as com port outputs available on your computer. 3.Reduce costs and improve results with intelligence. 4.Make you system exactly fit your needs. Full programmable using Visual Basic or any other compiler accepting OCX interface. 9 pin pinout can be found in the website, how to connect a rs422 to a rs422 port control VCRs From PC. Online support for implementation and development is provided with developer license purchase. Reduce costs on automation systems for TV, Video and Audio with this easy to use OCX component tool for visual basic. Use this VCR RS422 controller to build your own automation software great for TV stations and video houses. Applications are unlimited go to www.rs422.com.ar to find information about other developed systems using RS422 OCX Sofwtare Dub Room Control: software controlling a dub room with 48 VCRs connected to a computer - Video Tape Logging This is a stand alone program for logging and part of big Video Archive for Broadcast - Diamond Vision VCR Controller: This program was written to control five VTRs which allows any or all of the decks to be placed into a common control group - Corporate Intranet Video Solution: This is a software running from HTML controlled with Java Script, was designed for capturing from a profesional VCR to the intranet network. Building up an online clipstore solution for the biggest telephony company in Europe
Languages: English
Release Info: Alpha on May 07, 1999
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